Quality New, Used and Refurbished Concrete Flooring Equipment.

Worlds First Fully Electric Screed Machine

Topp & Screed have designed and produced an innovative electric screed machine manufactured right here in Europe. This ZERO emissions machine has an amazing 8 hour battery life and will help you to achieve fast results while setting new standards in environmental protection compliance. Available now, get in touch to find out more!

Available Now

TS4000 Fibre Integration Machine

Mixing concrete and steel fibres uniformly - no balling of fibres. Easy and safe operation using the central control panel, this machine will homogenously mix 2-3 tonnes of steel fibres per hour directly into the concrete truck. Equipped with integral pumps for controlled dosage of plasticiser.   



TS5000 Topping Spreader

Ultimate efficiency in dryshake application.

Apply dryshake topping on concrete floor slabs with consistent even spread, productivity and adhering to health and safety standards. With its 2,500kg bin capacity and an impressive 6.3m Boom Reach and 1.8m Head, this machine is the best in its class and will make the application of toppings safer and easier than ever before. 


TS6000 Superflat Screed

Flatter Faster concrete laying.

The most advanced and accurate concrete screeding machine on the market. Accurately levels and vibrates concrete using a state of the art automatic laser system whilst providing quality results, high productivity and all important operator comfort.  Complies with confined space health and safety requirements with a catalytic convertor fitted as standard.